Why choose us for SEO?

  • We do research to prepare for your campaign. There are many different components included in an effective search engine optimization. We start with a solid foundation of research to understand how we can help you to achieve your business goals.
  • We stay current with Google’s changes to their ranking algorithm and adapt our practices to make sure your website and SEO strategy advance with the evolving search engine.
  • A strong reporting and communication plan is key to ongoing SEO success. Our real-time reporting platform provides transparency in results. We summarize the month’s activity into a report and use this as a discussion document for monthly meetings. This approach allows our SEO team to remain constantly aligned with your business objectives.

SEO Process

  • SEO Setup – A successful SEO campaign must start with a solid foundation of research. SEO set-up includes an analysis of your website, competitor analysis, keyword research and off-page analysis. We use the keyword research and competitor analysis to determine the best strategy to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Monthly Work – Each month we work on your website and off of your website to make optimizations based on the search landscape. Optimization ensures that search engines can understand, index and connect the pages of your website with your audience’s search queries.
  • Reporting & Analysis – Communication is an integral part of the SEO campaign. Each month, we provide detailed reports, which include a campaign overview and results. We also encourage regular strategy meetings to review results and adjust future campaigns to align with trends in the industry or your business to leverage overall campaign success.

What can you expect?

    • Higher rankings in search engine results
    • Increased quality traffic to your site
    • Increased conversion of leads and sales
    • Comprehensive monthly reports

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