Web Banners

Run your web banner campaign on our owned and operated sites or run your ads on premium networks to help you reach your audience wherever they like to go on the web. All of our network campaigns include a blend of desktop, mobile and tablet placement.

Targeting capabilities

  • Geography – Is your digital district in a specific zip code or in a larger region? We can target banner ads by zip code, radius, county, DMA or USA. No matter how big or small your geography is – we can reach them!
  • Keyword & Category Contextual Targeting – Be seen next to content that mentions your products or services or is in their same category.
  • Search Retargeting – Target your digital district when they are searching for content similar to your products or services. We can also target people who are searching for your competitors. Want to reach people who search for your competitors? …. We can direct people who search for your competitors to your business.
  • Site Retargeting – Retarget prospects that have come to your website and left.
  • Geo Fencing – Target those who have entered specific buildings, landmarks, communities or traveled on specific streets. Your ad will be delivered to them within an app from their Smartphone.
  • Facebook – The rise of social media makes Facebook an everyday communication platform for a variety of consumers. If your digital district frequents Facebook, let’s reach them while they are there!

What makes us different?

Our premium ad network utilizes unstructured data to precisely target your digital district.

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Web Banners
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